Bridget Smith talk – notes

Bridget Smith spoke at the open meeting on 5th October.

Here are some notes of key points she raised, as recorded by members of the Steering Group:

Bridget Smith in memorial hall 5/10/16

  • NP a way of controlling development not rejecting it (manage development)
  • A way to welcome the right sort of development in the right place
  • Also about quality of life
  • NP becomes embedded in statute and is very influential
  • Makes village sustainable, protects from threat
  • Works from the bottom up, designed to suit us (ie each community)
  • Enages all people younger to older
  • Their PC may take on a community worker to address isolation in old people
  • Projects can be built in
  • Three strands: development, regeneration, conservation
  • There has to be employment in villages
  • Must have steering group – PC and key stakeholders (business association, churches, WI, education…)
  • Think about key themes eg parking, housing, reducing carbon footprint
  • Core group with others coming in for bits
  • Somone has to stick with it – parish clerk with extra paid day per week ?
  • Others can come and go do their bit
  • Needs proper plan and timelines: stakeholder list, community engagement strategy, communication strategy (give people constant feedback)
  • Bring someone in as project manager ?
  • She’s employed to project-manage economic development part of Gamlingay NP – key theme is business in the village as recently lost main local employer
  • All business in Gamlingay invited to 2 workshops (with lunch)
  • Gamlingay business app
  • For young people: three things you like, three you don’t like, three which could be better
  • Evidence, evidence, evidence. For example pix of tonight’s meeting, list of people attending.
  • Later (in Q+A session):
  • Importance of project plan (again)
  • Use the support of S Cambs DC

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