The two parish councils are responsible for the Plan’s construction, for consultation with residents and other stakeholders, and for submitting the Plan for independent examination.  The parish councils have agreed to delegate the preparation of the Plan to a steering group, which includes councillors and residents from both parishes. The draft terms of reference for the steering group are currently subject to ratification by both parish councils.

Inputs from residents – at the early open meetings, by e-mails and letters, and collected at events like the Stapleford Village Fete and the Shelford Feast – led the steering group to propose four “spotlight” groups, covering: Housing, Village Amenities, Greenbelt and Access, and Travel and Transport. The composition and work of these groups is explained in more detail on the spotlight groups page and its sub-pages. Other spotlight areas may of course be identified as the Plan progresses.

The four spotlight group chairs are also members of the steering group, so the make-up of the steering group currently is –

  • Barbara Kettel (Stapleford resident, Stapleford and Great Shelford Parish Councillor): Chair, Chair of Travel and Transport spotlight group
  • Jim Rickard: Vice Chair, Strategy
  • Bridget Hodge (formerly Chair of Great Shelford Parish Council’s Planning Committee): Chair of Landscape spotlight group
  • Brian Scally (Stapleford Resident) Chair of Housing spotlight group
  • Ian Hodge (Great Shelford resident): chair of Green Infrastructure spotlight group
  • Katherine McGilly
  • Brian McGilly
  • Lesley Watts (Assistant Clerk to Stapleford parish council): Secretary